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The Secret to Our Gaelic Success!
First of all is the training. We trained after school on Mondays and during our lunch time on Thursdays. We also trained for three days over our mid-term break in October. One of these days included Halloween! We all came to training because if we didnít come it meant we werenít committed and we didnít get to play in the matches. If the weather was bad we would train in the hall. I prefer to train on the field because you have more space.
We did lots in training: Passing drills, running drills, kicking drills, taking shots and playing matches. You name it we did it! Our coaches worked us hard. They also encouraged us to eat healthy so that we could be fitter for our matches. But the most important aspect of our training was teamwork and discipline. As a team we always encouraged each other. This means saying "hard luck" or "well done" when necessary. We respect each other by controlling our anger and not shouting at each other. We listened to each other and passed the ball to each other. There are no show-offs on our team. If you didnít make the panel or you were a sub you still had to support the team because there is no I in team!!
By Trudy Nolan, 5th Class

Girls GAA Blitz
In May 2013 the Scoil Aonghusa Senior Girls Gaa team took part in a Gaelic Football Blitz. The Blitz took place at Thomas Davis Astro Pitch. Our team played against four other teams. They were Saint Martin de Porres, Scoil Santain, Saint Aidans and Sacred Heart. We beat all four teams to go on and win the Blitz. It was a hot, sunny day and the matches were all very tough. By the end of all the matches we were exhausted. It was our determination that led us to victory that day. The first match we played was against Saint Martin de Porres. This was the first match we ever won. At the end our teachers ran on to the pitch and were so happy they almost cried. This day was also special because we wore our new jerseys for the first time. But the best thing of all was that we won a trophy and everyone got a medal. Did I mention that I scored the winning goal??? Everyone jumped on top of me when the whistle blew!
By Nicola Staunton, 6th Class

Senior Girls Road to Croke Park
When I first started playing for the gaelic team it was very tough. We were a newly formed team and we were not used to playing with each other. For this reason we lost every match in the beginning. But we worked hard and trained twice a week. This year when I was I sixth class I really got better at playing gaelic football and became a strong member of the team. We worked really well with the new fifth class members on the team and we had a brilliant season. The high point came when we qualifed to play in the final in Croke park against Scoil Santain. It was a tough game, but we dug deep to pull off a close victory. The whole school was at Croke park that day to cheer us on. The reason we won is because we never gave up and we worked as a team. We also had amazing coaches, Ms Noonan, Ms Foley and Ms Gahan. Playing for the girls gaelic team was the best thing I did in my four years in this school. It has helped my confidence grow and I have made great friends.
By Lauren Traynor, 6th Class

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