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Cara Clois
Cara Clois is a fun activity that takes place in our school every Friday. It means Yard Buddies. It is organised and run by a group of 6th class students along with the Support teacher. The aim of Cara Clois is to make play time more fun for the younger children on our school. Cara Clois is fun for everyone involved. It happens on Friday’s at break times. The 6th class children organise and run games for the 3rd and 4th class children to take part in. The 3rd and 4th class children enjoy the games and some even make new friends. Some of the fun games weplay are Ship-Sea-Shore, Mother May I?, Scotch, Stuck in the Mud, hopskotch and skipping, Saucers & Domes, Duck Duck Goose, Fruitbowl, Snatch the Bacon,What Time Is It Mr.Wolf?, Red Lights, Corners, Poison Letter and lots more games. Me Time is one of the childrens favourite games, some of the little kids get in to a circle and we pass the little ball around and they tell everyone one little thing about themselves. It is good for their confidence.
By Sarah Gough & Kate O'Neill, 6th Class

Walk Around The World
Each class has a pedometer and each day a different pupil from that class uses the pedometer to measure the steps taken each day. At the end of each week the total steps taken by each class are added up. Each class gets to move on a step in our map of the world depending on how many steps they have taken that week. This is a fun activity involving all the children in the school as everyone gets a turn using the pedometer. Two 6th class children are responsible for collecting the total of steps taken.

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