Just Crafting Around - Clay Monsters

Just Crafting Around is an after school art club for children in Scoil Aonghusa Senior and is run by Jane and Sue. This week the art club crafted some clay monsters!
Just Crafting Around - Clay Monsters

Clay Monsters.

This week the "Just Crafting Around" after-school club were making clay monsters and here is how they made these amazing pieces of art.

Firstly, they were all given a medium sized ball of clay and rolled it into a ball. After they made the ball, they would flatten one side of it, so it would stand on its own. Then they would shape the half ball into a smoother half ball of clay.

After this, they would then make other parts of the monster such as eyes,teeth,tounges, and alot more if they wish. They were given plastic forks,knifes and spoons. With the knife, if they were attaching an eye, they would make a cross on the place where they wanted the eye,and on the eye then,with a bit of water, they would stick the eye on and smooth around it so it stays in place. Then, if they wanted to add some teeth or a tongue they would do the same to stick them as the eye.

Once done they would leave them to dry. When they dried, the children would then paint them any colour they desire! The more colour the better! So that's how these lovely peices of art were made. They are very colourful and bright! A very well done to all the children and the Just Crafting Around club! 😊

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