Outdoor Classroom


During the summer of 2015 our School Garden underwent a makeover into an Outdoor Classroom.

The paved garden is situated in the centre of the school building, like a courtyard garden. It was not child friendly and we were finding it difficult to find time to weed and maintain the plants and shrubs properly. A decision was taken to convert the space into an Outdoor Classroom.

To achieve this result:
1. A skipload of soil, roots and shrubs were removed.
2. All paving stones were reset and some replaced.
3. A paved outdoor chessboard was set out.
4. A square 16ft by 16ft of artificial grass was inserted to act as a reading/storytelling space.
5. A three hole putting green with artificial grass was set in.
6. A bamboo style water featured was piped in.
7. Planters for vegetables and flowers are in place.

Members of the Parents Association have painted the walls different colours. There are 20 walls in all, pebble dashed and measuring 6ft by 10ft each.

Whilst materials and labour are being paid for, we have had very generous and decent support from: Tús Nua Construction, Fleetwood Paints, Kilsaran Home Supplies, Kiltipper Landscape Depot, Contour Greens, South Dublin County Council and Outdoor Living.

There are still additional pieces to be added in such as a weaving frame and hopefully in the future a covered area where class groups will be able to use the space in all weathers.

All classes are timetabled to use the garden for activities.

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