Sensory Room

Sensory Room

In Scoil Aonghusa Senior we are really lucky to have a sensory room which has been designed to create a stimulating yet calming atmosphere.

The room has many wonderful elements including a bubble tube, a fibre optic led bundle, synthetic grass, a tactile wall, a large dark den, beanbags, an infinity mirror, an LED colour changing sun, a projector, a DVD player, a sound system, a diffuser and lots of sensory toys.

"The sensory room is good for stressful days. It’s great and it feels relaxing in there. It’s fun to play with friends in there."


"In the sensory room I think my favourite part is the bubble tube or the led bundle. I also like that it is dark and calming and when I come out of it I am very relaxed."


"I think it is very relaxing, there are a lot of different sensory toys. I always feel calm coming out and it’s good to have a chat. It helps a lot, there are colourful lights as well. There is a projector and artificial grass too."


"I recommend the sensory room because it is a really fun and quiet place to relax. There are also lots of toys to play with. There is a tactile wall that feels really nice and there is a tent to relax in. There are bean bags to sit and lay on, but don’t jump on them because they can break."


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