~The Hub Opening~

This Friday our hub is opening! There will be songs, speeches and an author coming to our school.
~The Hub Opening~

~The Hub Opening~

This Friday the opening of our school’s hub (Library and Computer room) is taking place. The whole school is putting in an effort to keep the hub clean and tidy! The most exciting part is that there is an author named Sarah Webb coming to our school to help open the hub. In the hub a few of Sarah Webb’s books were placed on a table at the window. A Lot of work has been put into the hub as it was being built. There are books in nearly every corner! There are books on baking, art, Where's wally? And loads more. The children of our school are going to be singing songs, speeches and more. There are balloons everywhere! On doors, windows, walls everywhere! Our hub is a place where the children can come and read, use chrome-books and have fun! Many classes use the hub to read, study or draw. All of the school have been very excited for the hub opening. In the hub on the opening there will be our school journalists, coding club, chess club, retro gaming club, typing club and the readers. Sarah Webb will be cutting the ribbon and officially opening the hub! 📚📖 The hub is now fully opened and is a place where children can come to read, draw and study. Our hub used to be two separate rooms. A library and a computer room.One day though, Ms. Owens and Ms. Hamilton had the idea to make it a big library and computer room! So that's where the idea of our hub came from! Congratulations to all the builders and school staff! 📚

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